Sun Conure: Bird Species Profile

Remarkably vivid, intelligent, welcoming, as well as loaded with individuality, the sunshine conure has long been actually popular amongst households fond of partner birds. Proprietors should be prepped; this bird one of the loudest of all the medium-sized parrots. They are certainly not a great starter bird considering that they need a bunch of consistent training, everyday interaction, and also continual socialization to maintain all of them tamed as well as well-behaved.

Variety Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Sun conure, sun parakeet

TAXONOMIC NAME: Aratinga solstitialis

GROWNUP SIZE: 12 inches

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 25 to 30 years

Origin and also History

The sunlight conure is native to northeastern South America, featuring Venezuela, northern Brazil, and also Guyana. Found primarily in inland exotic environments, the sun conure likewise might settle dry grassland woodlands and coastal forests. They generally occupy fruiting plants and also hand groves.

The population of the presently risked bird is actually dwindling quickly as a result of reduction of environment as well as capturing for the pet business. About 800,000 are actually trapped yearly, despite the U.S. bring in ban of 1992 as well as European Union restriction in 2007.


The sunlight conure is actually a playful, fun bird that delights in athletic tricks. These birds are actually intelligent, active, and also effortlessly trained. As a whole, it is a soft and cuddly and very tender bird that is mild to all family members so long as it is actually treated well. The bird is not without assertiveness, though; it may transform threatening quickly if produced.

This parrot can go through nippy phases that can be challenging on children as well as on grownups. Even the tamest animal bird may get shocked and nibble. This is not a true image of its individuality; it is actually an all-natural response.

Like all parrots, sunlight conures are actually social birds that need a sizable quantity of communication with their individual managers to be satisfied. They are actually naturally spirited and also tender when they receive the interest they need, creating all of them distinctly suited for those that wish a bird for consistent companionship.

Consider that the sunshine conure is actually exceptionally loud, efficient in emitting shrill screams. Its own loud, shrill call is made use of in bush to accentuate necessary conditions from miles away. Similarly, this bird may stand in as an exceptional variation of a guard dog for your property.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

In bondage, this bird’s loud, harsh calls might generate return phone calls coming from irritated neighbors. This bird is certainly not appropriate for flat or condo dwellers. You can’t count on to “qualify away” their telephone calls, however you may teach all of them coming from early to inhibit excessive yelling. They carry out share enthusiasm as well as worry with raucous screams. Conures are actually not unsure birds and also will permit you recognize vocally if they are actually worn out or if their needs are actually overlooked.

Sunlight conures are not known for their talking capability, but some birds display an uncanny capability to imitate other kinds of noises, like bells, microwave buzzers, as well as telephone chimes.

Sunshine Conure Colors and also Markings

At maturity, a sunshine conure is vivid orange and yellow with signs of green and blue. Juvenile sun conures are actually not virtually as multicolored as grownups– this is an organic defense mechanism. The 1st plumes are olive green in different colors, changing to a blend of yellowish-orange at around 6 months old. Full-color quill occurs at about 1 year of age. Sunlight conures have dark beaks as well as feets and characteristic white patches around each eye. The sexual activities equal in color and also taggings. To find out sex, your bird will require genetic screening or even an operative sexing treatment.

Taking care of a Sun Conure

The sun conure is an active bird that will definitely be actually happiest in a sizable unit. At a minimum required, offer it a crate that is 20 ins through 20 inches in impact with a height of at the very least 36 inches. Make certain the cage has relatively narrow club spacing (3/4 to one in) to stop the bird from receiving its own head stuck in between the bars.

As holds true of the majority of other parrot varieties, the sunshine conure requires safe out-of-cage areas to explore and examine. This athletic bird really loves to generate its own tricks. Provide it a play health club atop its crate so it may flex its lower legs and airfoils.

Like a lot of dog birds, sunshine conures require training if you would like to possess a beneficial as well as fun connection with all of them. Use beneficial reinforcement methods to train this parrot to do several athletic secrets. This bird will certainly not answer well to abuse or even any sort of kind of adverse reinforcement.

Sunshine conures are actually much less ecstatic concerning bath time than some parrots, yet most will certainly spray about as well as soak day-to-day if the cage possesses a dish of well-maintained water daily. Conures perform certainly not as if spray downpours as much as a few other parrots carry out.

Common Health Problems

Like other conures and parrots, the sun conure can be susceptible to plume choosing. Although this may be triggered by health care explanations, most of the time, this is actually an indication that the bird is actually bored or is actually not obtaining the attention it needs to have.

Conures are additionally susceptible to avian popular health conditions like proventricular dilatation disease and psittacine beak as well as plume ailment. If you think your bird is actually ill, you are going to need an avian vet or even exotics expert to inspect out your bird.

Diet plan and Nutrition

In bush, sun conures mainly delight in fruit product, almonds, as well as seeds. In bondage, they do best on a created, well balanced pellet diet regimen supplemented with fruit products, leafy greens, and origin veggies. A little steamed wonderful potatoes are an excellent meals for your pet conure.

You can provide a limitless amount of pellet meals; they are going to simply eat what they need to have. When it comes to fresh fruit products and veggies, use about a 1/8 to 1/4 mug in the morning and at night.

Like various other companion birds, a sunshine conure needs and appreciates manages, thus create healthy and balanced choices for manages. It freezes properly for a well-balanced, portioned food for your bird.

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Physical exercise

Similar to all birds, appropriate exercise is actually imperative to health. Sun conures are, by nature, extremely active and also require ample space to soar, check out, and action.

Your sun conure should be allowed at least 3 hours out of the cage each day. Foraging and other types of decoration are actually essential for these smart birds. Ensure to offer the bird with a selection of intriguing toys and also change them at frequent intervals to stop your animal coming from developing worn out.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Sun Conure

Create certain it is actually captive-bred approved if you consider to acquire a sunshine conure. These birds can cost concerning $500 to $700. Some fosterings or even rescues that may have sunlight conures feature:

  • Bird Breeders
  • Rescue the Birds
  • Petfinder

If you’re going the breeder route, ensure that the dog breeder is reputable through asking them the length of time they’ve been actually functioning as well as reproducing along with sunlight conures. Meticulously check a bird before taking it residence. A healthy bird looks out, energetic, has intense eyes, tidy feathers, as well as complete plants.

Superbly vivid, smart, helpful, and filled with individual, the sunshine conure has actually long been well-known one of loved ones warm of companion birds. The sunshine conure is actually a playful, entertaining bird that enjoys athletic tricks. Like the majority of dog birds, sunshine conures call for instruction if you really want to have a favorable and also fun relationship along with them. If you believe your bird is actually ill, you will definitely need to have an avian vet or exotics specialist to check out your bird. Like other buddy birds, a sun conure requirements as well as cherishes deals with, thus make healthy selections for treats.